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RIA Membership provides networking opportunities, exclusive events and the latest insights in the industry.

RIA Events

At RIA, we hold around 50 networking events a year, a number of which are exclusive to members. Our events are not only a good way to get up to speed with what is going on in the industry, but also great networking opportunities. 

Our key events include:

  • RIA’s Annual Conference in the Autumn – this is a major event in the rail supply industry’s business and social calendar; we are always joined by several high-profile industry leaders.
  • RIA’s Innovation Conference in the Spring – a two-day event with interactive, plenary and networking sessions, plus an exhibition; this always attracts high quality participants, from within the rail industry, academia and beyond.
  • Unlocking Innovation - which are held in different locations around the UK every two months or so; they are free to attend and open to non-members.



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Member Interest Groups

Our Member Interest Groups provide a focus for discussion of key issues and are regularly attended by relevant key clients and industry bodies. We call members’ meetings to discuss emerging important issues as they arise. 

Member Interest Groups include 

  • Consultants Group 
  • Data Group
  • Electrification and Traction Decarbonisation Group
  • Environment and Sustainability Group
  • Exports Group
  • Infrastructure Group
  • Innovation Group
  • Public Affairs & Communications Network
  • Rolling Stock Group
  • Safety and Standards Group
  • Signalling & Telecommunications Group
  • SME Group
  • Track and Vehicle Interface Group
  • Trade Policy Group

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