Member Events

This is the list of members-only events. This list is constantly added to with our upcoming events - any queries please email

21/01/2020Safety, Standards & Sustainability Technical Interest GroupLondonSSSG0120
22/01/2020Vehicle Track Interface Technical Interest GroupLondonVTIG0220
28/01/2020Infrastructure Technical Interest GroupLondonINFRA0120
30/01/2020Consultants GroupLondonCON0120
18/02/2020SME Interest GroupLondonSME0220
25/02/2020Public Affairs & Comms NetworkLondonPACN0220
04/03/2020Traction & Rolling Stock Technical Interest GroupCoventryTRS0320
18/03/2020Information Management GroupLondonIMG0320
25/03/2020Infrastructure Clients Interface GroupLondonICIG0320
23/04/2020Train Clients Interface GroupLondonTCIG0420
20/05/2020Consultants GroupLondonCON0520
27/05/2020Vehicle Track Interface Technical Interest GroupLondonVTIG0520
25/06/2020Infrastructure Clients Interface GroupLondonICIG0620
14/07/2020Train Clients Interface GroupLondonTCIG0720
27/10/2020Infrastructure Clients Interface GroupLondonICIG1020
04/11/2020Train Clients Interface GroupLondonTCIG1120

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