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KeTech Demonstrates Rail Innovations to Former Rail Minister Paul Maynard


09 August 2023

KeTech, a pioneering company in intelligent real-time information systems, hosted former Rail Minister Paul Maynard MP at their head office in Preston. The visit was part of the Railway Industry Association’s Rail Fellowship Programme, which pairs politicians with RIA members to promote the organisations that build and enhance the UK’s railways.
During the visit, Maynard had the opportunity to explore the software, electronics, and data management systems that underpin KeTech's intelligent real-time information delivery. KeTech demonstrated the technology that informs Paul’s own regular journey from Blackpool North to London.
KeTech’s technology empowers customers across the UK’s rail network with instant journey updates and essential information, such as accessibility details. The new information screens within train carriages are underpinned by their technology. 
Engaging with KeTech's engineers and data analytics specialists, Maynard was given insight into how the company plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the reliability and safety of rail services. KeTech's dedication to keeping passengers thoroughly informed received accolades from the former Rail Minister, who reiterated the importance of customer focus within the railway sector.
Toby Williams, Public Affairs & PR Manger at RIA said
,"The RIA Fellowship programme aims to bridge the gap between policymakers and the rail industry, and it is heartening to see such engagement and dedication to innovation from both KeTech and Paul Maynard. KeTech's intelligent real-time information systems exemplify the kind of forward-thinking technology that can transform the rail sector, enhancing passenger experiences and safety.”
Reflecting on the visit, Paul Maynard MP said,
"The railway sector should always prioritise its customers, and I commend KeTech for their outstanding work in delivering intelligent solutions to enhance passenger experiences and safety."
Denise Lawrenson, the CEO of KeTech said, "We are honoured to have had the opportunity to showcase our latest advancements to Mr. Maynard and the RIA delegation. KeTech remains steadfast in our pursuit of excellence, continually striving to improve the rail sector with intelligent solutions that benefit both passengers and operators."

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