WillB launches UNVEIL

2 December 2020 | WillB

WillB has today launched a new service, UNVEIL, which provides an innovative new way to explain complex processes. The web hosted rich picture illustration provides subtle animations and popups of further information.

Creative Director, Will Baxter commented:

"We recently completed a rich picture illustration for Network Rail. It was a very complex message that they wanted simplified and visualised, but at the end of the project, I kind of thought to myself, maybe there’s a bit of a better way of doing this?

"I wanted to add a bit of vibrancy to it. Wouldn’t it be nice if that static rich-picture image came to life a little bit? And if I roll over here, with some pop-ups of information, but also beyond that you would get little subtle animations in the background. And so UNVEIL was developed off the back of this thought.

"We hope that this innovative new way of visualising complex processes can help our clients communicate better to their staff, students and follows."

A demo of UNVEIL can be seen on our website: http://www.willbaxter.com/unveil/

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Media contact to Will Baxter, Creative Director, 07815 056 026, will@willbaxter.com

About WillB

  1. WillB (Will Baxter Ltd) is a UK-based creative agency, providing visual communication services including graphic design, branding, rich pictures and animation.
  2. WillB has been working in the UK rail sector for 10 years, since December 2010. The company founder, Will Baxter, has been working in the UK rail sector for 20 years, previously at Interfleet Technology. 

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