How to Join and Membership Fees

How do I join?

Eligibility for membership to RIA is quite simple; we are open to all UK-based companies in the railway supply industry.

The Application Form below provides details on how to join.

Apply here

Or alternatively, you can contact the RIA Membership team:

Monica Barbosa
Membership Engagement Manager
Phone: 0207 201 0777

What it Means to be a Member

Each subscription-paying Member company will receive: 

  • One ‘vote’ and eligibility for one place on RIA’s Board (subject to invitation)*
  • Inclusion in RIA’s Member Directory and promotional material – online and in print
  • Provision of RIA’s members’ weekly email service to as many employees wish to sign up 
  • Employees’ participation in RIA’s events
  • Access to RIA’s other services and expertise 

Why become a member

*Services are available to all employees of named subsidiaries whose turnover is included in the Member Company’s annual turnover declaration. However, these subsidiaries do not qualify for voting.

Subscription Fees

Each Member Company pays an annual subscription, which is based on their declared UK rail turnover in the last financial year for which figures are available.  
Subscription arrangements are reviewed annually by RIA’s Finance Committee and Board. 
Subscriptions are invoiced to new members on commencement of membership and to existing members in the early part of the membership year. When a company joins after April, the subscription for the remainder of a financial year is charged proportionately.  

Different fees apply to bands of turnover: 

  • The fee for a UK rail industry turnover of up to £1M is a flat charge of £875.
  • Once UK rail industry turnover exceeds £1M, the rate is £830 per £1M of turnover up to £19.2M, subject to a minimum of £1,750.
  • Turnover between £19.2M and £50M is charged at the reduced rate of £815 per £1M.
  • Turnover above £50m but below £221M is charged at a further reduced rate of £50 per £1M. 
  • Finally, turnover above £221M and up to £646.8M is charged at £8 per £1M.
  • Beyond £648.8M there is no further charge.


New inclusive Membership

In September 2018, RIA threw open its doors to SMEs with a rail turnover of less than £1m, micro businesses and individuals to launch a special membership offer for smaller players in the rail supply sector.

The deal, designed to make RIA more accessible, halves the current annual minimum membership fee of £1,750 to just £875. 

For this, new members get the full benefits of membership, with discounted rates for the two-day RIA Innovation Conference in March 2019, participate in RIA Interest Group events on a range of issues, and benefit from market and policy intelligence and the various communications RIA regularly sends.


Turnover band

Fee per £1M

Maximum fee per band

Cumulative maximum fees

£0 - £1M




£1 – £2.11M

£830 – subject to minimum of £1,750



£2.11M - £19.2M




£19.2M - £50M




£50M - £221M




£221M - £646.8M




Subscriptions are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. 

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