Skills and Recuitment

RIA is actively involved in initiatives seeking to address the considerable skills needs, arising from the continuing growth in the UK rail programme and activity overseas.

RIA was the lead promoter on behalf of the rail industry for the National Skills Academy for Railway Engineering, which has now been restructured as the National Skills Academy for Rail. For further information visit 

Rail Week is a pan-industry collaborative effort aimed at bridging the sector’s looming skills gap and inspiring the next generation of rail professionals. The week of rail-related activity will include a plethora of events, visits and talks to promote careers in our great industry.

See how you can get involved with Rail Week 2017

Other activity includes taking a key role in the Rail Electrification Delivery Programme, aimed at ensuring there are adequate skilled resources available for forthcoming electrification projects, and supporting the work of the professional institutions in attracting young people into the industry.

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