Introduction to RIA

The Railway Industry Association is the representative body for UK-based suppliers of equipment and services to the world-wide industry. We have around 200 member companies, active across the whole range of railway supply. That range is exceptionally diverse and includes many skills and resources which were previously part of the national railway undertaking but which now operate commercially in the private sector.

RIA members represent the greater part of the UK railway supply industry by turnover. Most large firms are members, as well as a wide range of smaller companies.

RIA provides its members with extensive services, including:

  • provision of technical, commercial and political information every week
  • representation of the supply industry’s interests to Government, Network Rail and others
  • providing opportunities for dialogue and networking between members, including a number of Special  Interest Groups
  • supply chain improvement initiatives
  • export promotional activity, through briefings, visits overseas, hosting inwards visits
  • and organising UK presence at exhibitions overseas.

A summary of current RIA activities can be found in the RIA Update newsletter.

RIA operates from a Central London location. Management is undertaken by the Chief Executive, Darren Caplan, and his staff. Strategic issues are governed by a Board, formed of senior representatives from across the membership. Individual member companies are regularly asked for their views on current issues, either directly or through the Special Interest Groups.

RIA is an active member of UNIFE, the trade association for the European railway supply industry, as well as numerous cross-industry groups in the UK including the Rail Supply Group, High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group and the Railway Electrification Delivery Group.

RIA also helps co-ordinate British industry’s participation in the development of national and international technical standards for railway equipment.


History of RIA

Membership of RIA