A Brief History of RIA

The origins of the Railway Industry Association date back to 1875, when a number of independent steam locomotive builders grouped together to petition Parliament. They won their case and decided that it would be valuable to create a formal body for their mutual benefit. It was first known as the Locomotive Manufacturers Association of Great Britain and proved to be very effective in promoting its members’ interests, both at home and overseas, and in such areas as co-ordinating development of technical standards.

Membership was widened to include manufacturers of all forms of rolling stock, including components suppliers, with a change of name to the Locomotive and Allied Manufacturers Association in 1957. Finally, the change to the Railway Industry Association was completed in 1971 with the inclusion of all parts of the railway supply industry. With the break-up and privatisation of British Rail in the 1990s, many of the resulting supply-side companies joined RIA as they moved into the private sector and membership has continued to grow.

Some of the earlier Secretaries of the Association:

Ephraim HutchingsJohn VaughanGordon Dabell